Po Delta excursions: what to see near Venice

Po Delta

An oasis of peace and relaxation in the greenery and the sea surrounding Rosolina Mare

The fortune of staying at the 3-Star Hotel Milan in Rosolina Mare is that you can enjoy a base for excursions that get to meet all tastes.

However, the best excursions, are probably the ones on site, taking advantage, for example, of boat trips that leave from Rosolina Mare and discovering the charming beauty of our coast. Those on horseback can enjoy the Delta Park, or those on mountain bikes can get to know the pine forest and the profuse countryside of our little and exciting peninsula.

You can diversify a lot of the activities to do during the holiday: next to the traditional sun bed on the beach of fine and golden sand for sunbathing, as well as diving and swimming in the sea, you can also go on day trips to nearby towns of certain interest.

We remind you of the distances involved:

    Venice and Padua (about 60 km)
    Ferrara (80 km)
    Ravenna (90 km).

In addition, especially for lovers of Italian literature, it might be interesting to take advantage of your stay in Rosolina Mare to go about 60 km, for a day trip to Arquà Petrarca, on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy and beloved by enjoy the great poet Francesco Petrarca, who when arriving in Veneto, choose this pleasant village to retire to for a quieter life, greatly cultivating the love of his own studies.